A Cannabiotix strain named after its nostalgic aroma reminiscent of those sliced oranges served at half-time on your childhood soccer games. This Sativa is a Cannabiotix creation and is the result of a cross between the award-winning hybrid Orange Crush and the uplifting Lemonburst. Its happy cerebral high and euphoric buzz makes L’Orange perfect for relieving anxiety and depression.

  • THC levels between 24 and 28%
  • Citric, terpene-filled aroma
  • Effects are energizing and uplifting

L’Orange’s produces extremely sticky buds densely covered in resinous trichomes that emit this strain’s characteristic citric aromas. A fresh, tasty Sativa that delivers a happy, energizing cerebral high that enhances your creativity and sociability. Perfect for daytime use.


24-28 %


2 hours


Cannabiotix is an LA-based company built by and made of experienced and avid cannabis enthusiasts committed to the cultivation of premium, unique cannabis. Their skill and dedication to their plants have allowed them to collect and craft rare and exclusive strains with potent, highly resinous flowers. Their plants produce densely trichome covered buds that stand out for their colors, aromas, and stickiness. Cannabiotix specializes in creating superior quality strains, most of which have won multiple awards and are acclaimed by critics, specialists, and consumers for their flavors, looks, and effects. Cannabiotix holds the cannabis plant above everything else. All of their strains receive customized attention based on their needs, and they are continually innovating and honing on their cultivating practices to ensure that they are getting the full potential of each plant. Their ultimate goal is to provide their customers with safe, top-quality, connoisseur-grade cannabis every single time.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto