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Momentum is a CBD dominant strain having a 2:1 CBD to THC ratio. This cultivar inherits multiple genetic profiles from God Bud and a high CBD variety. This is an indica-prominent phenotype great for relieving pain while inducing a calm, euphoric sensation.

The nugs are a mossy green with spores of trichomes gently dusting the surface of the calyxes and sugar leaves. The buds are tightly packed with wispy, slightly discoloured pistil strands. From its lineage of parents the cultivar produces a natural but fresh zesty lime aroma, intertwined with woody undertones. This phenotype offers a balanced potency potential of 10% – 14% CBD and 5% – 8% THC.


5-8 %
10-12 %


Full Body
1 hour

Doja Cannabis Ltd.

Combine the old with the new, and the bowl of conversation will never end. Doja Cannabis uses state of the art technology and senior techniques to give plants every edge possible. They respect that every strain is as different as its user, so diversity is a big deal.

  • Has a low energy footprint to maintain sustainability.
  • Flushed, dried, and trimmed by hand for extra care.

Experts meticulously design the environment and growing techniques to ensure that the plants get all the nutrients they need to satisfy. Each bud is hand-crafted with tenderness, hang-dried, and cured for longer than the average time. So you know you’re getting the top-shelf stuff with Doja Cannabis Ltd.

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