GTEC HoldingsWedding Crasher

This variety strain from GTEC Holdings is a manifestation of crossing Wedding Cake, a sweet and potent variety with Purple Punch, a sour and savoury cultivar to produce Wedding Crasher. The strain features a bouquet of sweet and sour aromas similar to juicy grapes with sweet undertones of vanilla subtly underlined by earthy notes.

Wedding Crasher is an indica forward variety which features a potent cannabinoid profile of 18% – 24% THC – a result of precise nutrient management during the growing and flowering stages. The variety is hand-trimmed and craft-curated to produce a fine and memorable product. The buds are a light green with noticeable teal highlights and navy blotches with a compact structure and light yellow pistils.


18-24 %
0 %


Full Body
1 hour

GTEC Holdings

Founded in Kelowna, British Columbia in 2017, GTEC Holdings is a specialized cannabis company licensed by Health Canada. The brand is dedicated to cultivating ultra-premium cannabis in high-class indoor facilities. The company is a leader in premium-quality cannabis production.

  • GTEC Holdings offer premium brands: blkmkt, Tenzo, GreenTec, cognoscente and Treehugger.
  • Licensed by Health Canada.
  • Founded in 2017.
  • Licensed for medical sales, standard processing, standard cultivation, and analytical testing.

GTEC Holdings mission: “To become a leading premium cannabis company, while establishing consumer loyalty through consistent quality and branding”.

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