Peace Maker

This Sativa dominant strain certainly provides users with peace and contentment. Peace Maker by Namaste on appearance has light vibrant green buds that are dense and dusted in trichomes, providing a white appearance. Peacemaker, also known as Great White Shark, is a strain created through a three way cross of the famous Super Skunk, Brazillian and South Indian strains. The strain was the 1997 winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Hybrid.

With THC levels at 12-21% and CBD at 8% this strain is perfect for those searching for some extra oomph! The Peacemaker is very uplifting but also with that slight body relaxation. With an active mind buzz and mellow body high leading to a moment of complete euphoria and bliss.

The bud provides a sweet citrusy fruit flavour with a musky hint upon exhale, very pungent sweetness and a smooth smoke.





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