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Forest Rain by Peak Leaf is a recreational cannabis brand by CannTrust, and a proprietary balanced strain proving mild enough for those searching for a milder high. Indulge your senses with the pungent pine, woody, coffee flavors and aromas. Like walking through a forest with such scents, take a nice relaxing journey through nature, leaving behind the stresses of the day.

Forest Rain has a THC content of 6-10% and 9-13% CBD. The strain possesses purple fringed flowers with deep orange patches and undertones of vibrant yellow and floral pink. The strain presents great relaxation with slight euphoric feelings and mood enhancement. Perfect for use any time of the day as the higher levels of CBD to THC help in presenting more brief highs. So enjoy the effects with this psychoactive high, a great way to relieve stress and still get on with the day!


6-10 %
9-13 %


Full Body
1 hour

Peak Leaf

Peak Leaf believes that to be able to connect with ourselves, we have to connect with nature first —  and that’s not a bad way to live. Not to mention that their products are affordably priced and evenly distributed. Their dried flower is grown at their state of the art Niagara Perpetual Harvest Facility and is unique to Canada. Good news for Peak Leaf lovers, because this means they can produce cannabis 365 days a year.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto