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Charlotte CBD

This sativa dominant, CBD heavy hybrid strain presents itself with fluffy buds dripping with trichomes – in terms of visual appeal this is a true beauty strain. The effects can help in de-stressing and promoting joviality, like floating in a dream! The strain comes from Charlotte’s Angel lineage.

Its sweet, citrusy profile is ideal for those looking for a CBD product without the added effects of a higher THC content. The strain is a cross of CBD rich Dutch Charlotte x Red Angel, a CBD strain unique to The Netherlands. Dominant terpenes include limonene, uplifting with senses of citrus rinds, juniper and peppermint; Terpinolene, known to be cleansing, piney and floral; and B-pinene, which is great in creating feelings of alertness and focus.

With a high CBD content of 11-17% and very minimal THC this is a very mild product suited for those who would prefer more subtle THC effects.





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