RedecanSensi Star

Shoot for the stars with Redecan’s Sensi Star! This Indica-dominant variety strain helps individuals reach a calming and relaxing mood ideal for activities during the evening that require little to no physical activity. Providing a high for your mind and body, this strain creates a restful and mellow state of mind.

The strain displays a very pungent aroma with hops, pine, and sweet notes brought out through the array of caryophyllene, guaiol, and myrcene terpenes present. Dense bud structure adds to the beauty of this strain, emitting a hint of citrus with earthy tones.

With a powerful THC content of 22.6% and low CBD profile, users can expect an extensive high, making this a great strain for experienced smokers. Whether it’s after a long hard day at work or just unwinding in front of the television, you pick the moment and Sensi will deliver the experience!


22.6 %
007-0.07 %


Full Body
1 hour


The finest cannabis is made using only the best starting materials. With clean Niagra well water, ample natural sunlight, and a pesticide-free environment, Redecan Cannabis mixes innovative techniques with tried-and-true natural methods. In the end, the Redecan greenhouse is a haven for clean, pure, and healthy cannabis plants–just as nature intended.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto