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Balance (Milled)

Find your balance with this hand milled, indica dominant blend. Balance is a pre milled blend by Solei and comes conveniently ground up for use in smoking or cooking. Balanced has an excellent combination of relaxing cerebral effects. As it has a higher CBD to THC profile, it can help create a brief, mellow period of focus and energy.

Balanced is a mild product but not when it comes to flavour – it’s dark green buds are grown carefully in an eco friendly greenhouse to ensure its signature spicy and citrusy flavour becomes more noticeable through the peppery beta caryophyllene in the terpene profile.

Balanced comes with a low THC potential at 4-9% and a higher CBD content at 7-14%. It’s a good choice for those in search for a mild and lighter blend or less experienced in smoking. Effects are mild thanks to the low THC potency.





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