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Bella Luna

Beautiful moon – could a name ever conjure up a more serene image? Cool white light, the murmurs of the night, and perfect stillness. If this seems like an ideal image, why not try the cannabis strain equivalent? This indica-dominant strain is perfect for embracing the quiet of night and carries a moderate THC potential of between 12 and 17% with a CBD content maxing out at around 1%.

The flowers are dense yet spongy, almost puffy, with a resonant deep minty colour flecked with vibrant orange and undercurrents of purple. A frosty white coating of trichomes gives a distinct appearance of moonlight. There’s something bittersweet about the aroma which is intermixed with spice, earthy pine, and a peppery taste.

Expect a high that will leave you floating amongst the clouds in a state of light relaxation. Warm, cozy happiness will flood over your body and mind without being too overpowering.





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