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Velvet VoyagerSymbl

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Silky and spacy, this slightly sativa-dominant, hybrid strain tastes as smooth as it’ll make you feel. Also known as NYC Diesel (much less fun), Velvet Voyager is a classic NY Diesel in many respects – taste, smell, and resulting high. With between 14% and 16% THC and 0% CBD, this strain will leave you energized without becoming too unfocused. So put on that velvet space suit and let’s get going on a journey to the outer reaches of chill.

With solid and dense grassy green buds and a very thick layer of bright orange pistils, this strain is a bit of a looker. It’s topped with a noticeable coating of trichomes for a frost-tipped appearance. As you can imagine, expect sharp diesel aromas accompanied by traces of earthy moss and sweet citrus undertones. Bursting with punchy red grapefruit and tart lemon flavours, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this one.

Perfect for hanging with friends or enjoying on your own, this strain will leave you relaxed, happy, de-stressed, and revitalized.


14-16 %
0 %


Full Body
1 hour

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto