Twd.Sativa Milled

To make a long story short, this product is a sativa-dominant THC strain that has been milled with care by Twd’s Grow Team, meaning it’s ready to use right out of the jar, no grinding required! Plain Packaging Sativa Milled is a proprietary moderate to high-THC strain from Twd. with a THC percentage ranging between 15-25% and less than 1% CBD. With such a great THC potential, this product is best for intermediate to advanced users.

Plain Packaging Sativa Milled is identical to Plain Packaging Sativa. It simply comes pre-ground for added convenience. The consistency is ideal for any smoking method, such as joints, pipes or vaporizers. Each unit contains 3.5g of dried cannabis.


15-25 %
0-1 %


Full Body
1 hour


Twd. High quality cannabis at a great price, this brand is licensed by Canopy Growth. All plants are carefully grown and cultivated in Canada. The brand is as simple as its name, offering simple products such as flowers, pre-rolls, and oils, all at a great price.

  • Each plant is carefully cultivated.
  • Canadian grown.
  • High quality and affordable.

Developed initially as a “Value Brand” by Canopy Growth, the brand has high potential as products are all expertly crafted and developed with great effort. Simple, fun, and cost effective – just how cannabis should be!

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto