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Wilma seeds by Tweed come from a cultivar that is sativa dominant and specially chosen for its propensity to sprout into a great plant. Proprietary to Tweed, Wilma is a sativa-dominant hybrid with parent strains that were high in THC with little-to-no CBD. Two landrace strains were bred with a strain with blueberry lineage to create this new proprietary cultivar.

With an impressive THC potential spanning between 15% and 25% with minimal amounts of CBD, these seeds will sprout into a strain that anyone seeking a strong sativa experience will appreciate. This strain will produce energizing, anxiety-reducing effects. If you’re looking for seeds that will grow into a flower perfect for creativity and productivity, these are the seeds for you!

Tweed Seeds are produced using a modern plant-breeding technique ensuring that nearly all seeds are genetically female, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Please note that growing conditions influence bud structure as well as cannabinoid and terpene content, as do other factors such as harvest timing.


15-25 %
0-0.01 %


Full Body
1 hour


In 2014, Tweed transformed the abandoned Hershey’s chocolate factory in Smiths Falls, Ontario into the most state-of-the-art cannabis growing facilities on the planet. With 4.3 million square feet of indoor and greenhouse cultivation space, Tweed is working to define the new era of cannabis by providing best-in-class customer service, strain varieties, and quality assurance.

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