Up Cannabis Moon Cannabis
Up Cannabis Moon Cannabis
Up Cannabis Moon Cannabis
Up Cannabis Moon Cannabis
Up Cannabis Moon Cannabis

Up Cannabis Inc.Moon

Moon is a hybrid variety starin that possesses a varied and balanced profile among its cannabinoids. This cultivar is grown in an indoor greenhouse environment in Up’s Great Emerald Hall, Niagara, where the quality of the flowers can be closely monitored throughout every stage of maturing. The cannabinoid potency presents an equilibrium featuring THC levels of 4% – 8% and CBD levels of 7% – 13%.

Balanced strains such as this are beneficial for daytime use as it is a great way to numb stress and increase natural focus. Other common uses include muscle tension relief and physical chronic pain. The terpene-rich profile showcases Eucalyptol, Cymene, and Alpha-Pinene which together create some classic herbaceous aromas with underlined notes of dank and tropical earthy smells.


4-8 %
7-13 %


Full Body
1 hour

Up Cannabis Inc.

Up Cannabis Inc. is a true Canadian cannabis company. With legalization, all eyes are on Canada. Up Cannabis is committed to growing the best quality cannabis products while upholding Canadian values. Find flower, oils, and plenty of swag from up.

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