ViolaUltra Premium Flower

If you’re looking for high-end flower, then going for the option labeled “Ultra Premium” might make some sense. But don’t let the name be the only thing that drives you towards this product. Viola is a brand with more than 10 years of cultivation experience and prides itself on producing high-end buds consistently. Consult Viola and get a feel for the strains of premium quality indoor-grown flower they carry. Top-cultivators are hard to come by, but Viola is certainly one of them.




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Viola was established in 2011 by former NBA player Al Harrington. Viola is named after Al’s grandmother, who found in cannabis the treatment for her pain and glaucoma. Today, Viola’s mission is to deliver ultra-premium products with purpose, serving their community and increasing minority representation in the cannabis industry. Viola is more than just premium cannabis products, it’s about giving back to the community and changing the dynamics of the industry. One flower at a time, one community at a time.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto