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MK Ultra Pre Rolls

High in THC and pre rolled for your convenience, take MK Ultra with you anywhere – just light and go! The strain is beautifully presented with large buds ranging from light to dark green with small amber hairs throughout. This Indica dominant strain is great in that it helps users relax and unwind without being too sedating, leading to complete ease in body and mind.

This pungent, high THC strain emits a sweet, earthy aroma through the terpenes limonene and myrcene. These characters help to mask that cannabis after taste and smell leading to a more socially accepted and enjoyable experience.

This strain is perfect for night time use with its relaxing effects, and we suggest it’s best taken when watching television or when you just want to mellow out. MK Ultra has a high THC potency at 15-20% with minimal CBD traces, which makes it a great choice for those with more experience with cannabis. Relax, unwind and enjoy the moment!





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