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Ultra Sour Pre Rolls

This powerful Sativa dominant strain, Ultra Sour by Blazery, is a great choice for cannabis connoisseurs. Pre rolled for simple and quick use all you have to do is choose a moment light and enjoy the hard hitting Sativa effects. On appearance the buds are a light vibrant green covered in trichomes with small orange hairs.

A definite flavourful option with scents of diesel and sweet citrus brought to life through the dominant terpenes of Terpinolene (found in pine trees and lime blossoms), caryophyllene (in juniper and peppermint boasting lemony notes), and B-pinene (raising feelings of alertness and focus).

These pre rolls offer an impressive THC content at 18-25% with small traces of CBD at 0.05-0.06% resulting in a stronger potency. Perk your body and mind with creative and uplifting Sativa effects. Get ready to tackle the day ahead with Ultra Sour!





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