Eve & Co.The Confidant (BCN Critical XXL Fast) Pre Rolls

The Confidant is actually an undercover BCN Critical XXL Fast, which is a fancy name for a phenotype that produces big, succulent buds pretty quickly. Each pre-roll carries a total potency of 13% – 18% THC and low content of CBD at just under 1%.

The confidant has a terpene-rich profile that manifests a range of savoury and delicate aromas and flavours that are reminiscent of sweet natural nectar, interlaced with sour fruity fragrances and complemented by organic earthy notes.

Eve & Co produce all of their strain in an indoor-greenhouse where the crops are manually hand-sorted and hand-curated where they are put through a mechanical trimmed and finished by hand to produce well rounded and well dired nugs.


13-18 %
0-1 %


Full Body
1 hour

Eve & Co.

Excuse me, ladies first. Eve & Co is a female-led cannabis company full of innovative ideas. They’re here to make sure that women are heard and equally valued in the cannabis community. Aiming to destigmatize how female users are perceived, the brand has created a safe space for all.

  • Led by female farmers and researchers.
  • Creates a safe space to destigmatize women in cannabis.

Their products awaken excitement and aim to invoke balance throughout your day. Eve & Co offer pre-rolled joints and dried flowers to liberate the masses. Powered by women, for women. The future is female.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto