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Blue Ninety Eight pre rolls

Blue Ninety Eight, a proprietary version of Rockstar Kush, combines genetics of Bubba Kush and Rockstar- Two heavyweight indica strains. This high THC potency, hybrid pre-roll by RIFF is hand-groomed, expertly grown, and cured for maximum flavour and enjoyability.

You’ll find yourself coming back to this well-balanced aromatic strain with it’s smooth indica-dominance again and again. With an impressive THC potential ranging between 18-25% and a very low CBD potential of around 1%, we suggest this pre roll for moderate to experienced users.

Blue 98 has a compact and tightly structured bud with balanced terpene flavours. This indica dominant strain has a distinct dank and musky aroma with hints of hops and citrus that is meant to be enjoyed. Ready to roll whenever you are, enjoy these pre-rolls anywhere and any time.





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