Chocolate Fondue

Well, the name has chocolate in it, so really, what else matters? This desert-like sativa dominant hybrid combines the uplifting effects of Chocolope with the relaxing effects and distinct flavor of Exodus Cheese. With an intensely respectable THC potential ranging between 10-25%, and 2% CBD, these pre-rolls will relax the body and melt the mind into a chocolatey bliss.

Chocolate Fondue buds are small and dark green with orange hairs with nugs that are sticky to the touch thanks to high resin and trichome production. When broken apart Chocolate Fondue nugs smell of nuts, earth, spice and flowers – much like its namesake.

These pre-rolls are perfect for a luxurious burst of energy to start the day – they’ll leave you stimulated mentally with a strong, uplifting cerebral euphoria. Expect a boost of energy and a more focussed creativity.





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