Sativa Diamond Joint

Rolled with dry farmed herb, crystalline THCa diamonds aren’t the only shining star in this Eel River Organics collaboration. Dry farming is a rad, eco-friendly technique that doesn’t require any water from the farmer, only from the land itself. Because of this unique growing process, the plants produce a truly stellar cannabinoid and terpene profile. When THCa is heated to 220° (with a lighter) it converts to THC and adds a potency boost without altering terpenes, giving you the most potent version of the herb you can imagine. Isn’t it cool that we live in the future? 

  • Best time of day: Daytime
  • Potency: Very strong
  • Dominant flavors: Lemon ‘n lime, pungent cheese, hops






Ancient Lime from Eel River Organics

Diary Queen from Eel River Organics

Sweet lemon 'n lime, pungent cheese, hops

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