Symbl Bella Luna Cannabis Pre-Roll
Symbl Bella Luna Cannabis Pre-Roll
Symbl Bella Luna Cannabis Pre-Roll
SymbBella Luna Cannabis Pre-Roll
Symbl Bella Luna Cannabis Pre-Roll

SymblBella Luna Pre Rolls

Take the cool white light, the murmurs of the night, and perfect stillness of the full moon with you wherever you go. This indica-dominant pre-rolled strain is perfect for embracing the quiet of night and carries a moderate THC potential of between 12 and 17%, with a CBD content maxing out at around 1%.

The flowers are dense yet spongy, almost puffy, with a resonant deep minty colour flecked with vibrant orange and undercurrents of purple. A frosty white coating of trichomes gives a distinct appearance of moonlight. There’s something bittersweet about the aroma which is intermixed with spice, earthy pine, and a peppery taste.

So unlock the night with these excellent pre-rolls from Symbl! Expect a high that will leave you floating amongst the clouds in a state of light relaxation. Warm, cozy happiness will flood over your body and mind without being too overpowering.


12-17 %
1 %


Full Body
1 hour


The world is yours to define. At Symbl, there are no expectations, no demands. Explore infinite possibilities with craft cultivated cannabis products. After all, you never know where the road is going to take you.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto