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THC CBD Indica Landrace Pre Rolls

This CBD Indica Landrace proprietary strain has been choice bred by expert growers to provide a very well balanced CBD Indica strain with a wonderful aroma and high levels of CBD. This strain is best for new users or those in search of a more relaxing and mellow high, proving great for that after work smoke for those lazy sunday vibes.

These premium buds are dominated by a covering of deep amber hairs but also showcase a variety of dark greens, yellows and specs of brown. This strain brings a very spicy and warm aroma with hints of clove and delicate floral notes. The interesting contrast in flavour is brought out through the terpenes that naturally occur and create a less pungent cannabis scent.

With low amounts of THC and a mild content of CBD at 12% forming the a much balanced light strain ideal use anytime of day. The buds are hand trimmed with much care, from plants grown naturally in soil, using organic methods.





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