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The Batch SoloThe Batch

The Batch is a new, no frills cannabis brand that’s committed to keeping your smoking experience simple, no-nonsense, and in this case super convenient. The Batch have ditch ed cultivars, genetic lineage, unique terpene combinations, and fancy strain names. They’ve decided to categorize their products according to potency rather than the cultivar, and because of this they can offer certified quality cannabis at good prices.

And now you can get all of this rolled into a ready to smoke, single half gram pre-roll. This particular batch contains a mix of hybrid strains that range in THC potency between 10% and 16%, and around 2% CBD. One sumptuous half gram pre rolled quality bud at a price that the black market can’t beat? Yes please!

Users record feeling calm, a bit drowsy, and overall happy – but you can still function with ease throughout your day. If you’re new to cannabis and don’t want to spend a lot on strains that you can’t differentiate between, these Batch pre rolls are a great introduction!


10-16 %
0-2 %


Full Body
1 hour

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto