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Penelope Pre Rolls

Say Hi to Penelope Pre-Rolls and say goodbye to inconvenience. Tweed has taken the forestlike, dense buds of Penelope, a hybrid strain with a balance of CBD and THC, and made these perfect pre-rolled joints. All of their pre-rolls are artfully prepared using freshly milled flower wrapped in high-quality paper, so they’re good to go right out of the tin.

This hybrid strain is neither sativa or indica dominant and originates from buds that are narrow yet dense with brightly coloured pistils, and a piney aroma created by the alpha-pinene in the terpene profile. Featuring a fine balance, this strain has a medium THC potency ranging between 5% and 15% and a CBD potency that spans between 3% and 13%.

If you’re looking for balance in a convenient vessel that doesn’t lean too heavily in any direction, look no further than these lovely little pre-rolled parcels of Penelope!





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