Organa BrandsPuffco Plus V2

Classy and sleek looking vaporizer that makes a quality statement with an all-ceramic chamber that ensures balanced and steady heating. Hence, a smooth and accurate pull on the vape pen that adds no unwanted rusty flavors. The chamber is not just built from ceramic, but its extra-large size makes it incredibly easy to load with any smoking material.

  • All-ceramic heating chamber
  • ‘The Dart’ integrated loading tool
  • Enhanced airflow
  • Multiple heat settings
  • Premium finish

As if it weren’t enough, batteries come partially charged so this beauty is ready to use right out of the box. Just make sure you bring your favorite extract!


Full Body
1 hour
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Organa Brands

Organa Brands reaches over 3,000 stores in 12 different States in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. The company is also host to an impressive global network of retailers, distributors, and manufacturers, that allows them to guarantee capital efficiency, scalability, and sustained growth for all their brands. But such a wide umbrella cannot be handled without an extensive portfolio to back it up, which Organa takes care of in spectacular fashion with a diverse brand portfolio that includes some of the highest-selling cannabis products of all time.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto