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A Guide To The Best Hemp Flower

Get to know the hemp flower and its best strains

Hemp is undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary and controversial plants of the last decades. Hemp has an impressive load of healing qualities that make it quite in demand, especially its flowers.

Hemp flower has become quite popular, as it tastes, looks, and is smoked like marijuana, providing all the positive aspects of CBD. In addition to the more well-known effects of CBD, research also shows that smoking the best hemp strains also provides additional health benefits, such as relaxing the body while keeping a clear head, as well as calming symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, pain, and inflammation.

Hemp flower is exactly what it sounds like, a flower from the hemp plant that you can smoke, here we tell you a little about it and its best strains.

About Hemp Flower

Photo courtesy of Botany Farms

Hemp flower grows on female hemp plants. It is similar to marijuana in its treatment, but has a low THC content and high amounts of CBD, along with additional cannabinoids that are known to relax the body and mind, such as CBG.

It has a unique aroma and contains several healing properties. An old classic that remains a favorite of cannabis users around the world.

The effects of CBD on the body can generate several benefits that can help the human body cope better with some medical conditions, or improve the overall quality of life. However, this is a bit more complex in practice than it seems, as the terpene load and the Indica, Hybrid, or Sativa nature of the strain can directly influence how our endocannabinoid system perceives and processes CBD, and therefore how its effects are felt.

But whatever your need, preference, or condition to be treated, we are sure there is a hemp flower perfect for you.

About Botany's Hemp Flower

Photo courtesy of Botany Farms

Botany Farms hemp flowers are top quality, free of pesticides, fungicides, and heavy metals, and purity at their finest.

In addition, Botany Farms flowers are organic, air-dried, and hand-cut, it is not for nothing that they are among the best in the country, their quality speaks for itself.

Their flower production is in small batches and they are hand-trimmed, a natural and manual process that guarantees that you are consuming only the best of the best. Thanks to Botany Farms it is possible to enjoy the benefits of smoking flowers without losing lucidity and presence.

Botany Farms‘ foolproof formula for growing the best hemp flowers on the market seems complicated, but it is based on patience and dedication: bright sunshine, fresh water, and a little love and respect. The result is flowers of the best quality, for unbeatable experiences.

At Botany Farms it is possible to find varieties of hemp strains, which will depend on the effects you want to get from each one:

  • Sativa: Sativas are ideal for people on the go, the embodiment of wake and bake if you will. The ideal complement to your active lifestyle without slowing you down.
  • Hybrid: Hybrids are just the right balance between uplifting sativas and relaxing indicas.
  • Indica: Indicas are best used at the end of a long day. When you want to take some time for yourself, watch the sunset or curl up on the couch with the people you love.

Best Hemp Flower Strains

Delta 8 Bubba Kush

Hands down one of the best hemp strains on the market. Bubba Kush offers a delicious aroma of dark chocolate and coffee with some earthy notes, it makes our mouths water just thinking about it.

The combination of CBD and Delta 8 is sublime, plus the therapeutic and delicious combination of terpenes and cannabinoids makes smoking this hemp flower an otherworldly experience.

Sour Lifter (Herb X Botany Farms)

When two good things come together, the result is usually amazing. This is the case of the limited edition strain of Sour Lifter, elaborated in collaboration between Botany farms and Herb.

Grown in a greenhouse using living soil and natural light to get the best potential from the genetics of this strain, and we have succeeded. This Sativa will give you the energy boost you need and help with pain management. A real smokable gem.

Pineapple Haze

If you like Piña Colada and the beach flavor that accompanies a fun afternoon at the beach, this strain will be your new favorite.

The sweet waves of smell with notes of pineapple, tropical fruits, and coconut milk will fill any space and awaken your senses as soon as you open the bottle of Pineapple Haze.

This Sativa is perfect for any time of the day being one of the most acclaimed by consumers. Its effects are uplifting, as it can boost your afternoon’s mood while helping you maintain focus and energy.

Cat’s Meow

Cat’s Meow is a delicious limited edition Indica strain grown indoors that gives off intense citrus aromas of lemon and tangerine and leaves subtle earthy and skunky flavors on the exhale.

This rare strain features up to 16% CBD content and high concentrations of myrcene and limonene. It is a perfect choice to end your day calmly as its relaxing effects will leave you ready to rest.


Lifter lives up to its name by being your ally to start the day in the best way. Known for being a perfect Sativa strain to lift the mood and increase energy.

Smooth and sweet aromas of sweet grape and rich citrus notes, green buds, bright orange hairs, and a generous sticky and resinous coat.

These are just a few of the hemp flower varieties available at Botany Farms. We love the variety of hemp flowers available, as well as their consistently high quality of them. In addition, having lab results shows that the brand is responsible and credible, hiding nothing from its audience. Undoubtedly one of the best companies to try and consume their hemp flower.

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