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Best Delta 8 Food Pairings

Here's a guide to elevating your munchies with Delta 8. Created with Eighty Six.

Delta 8 THC is perhaps the most talked-about cannabinoid out there. There is news about it almost daily and, although there is still much research about D8 to be done, you can see progress and a constant flow of information that grows exponentially every day.

As such, there are also many brands and producers out there with D8 products that you can try out, and what better way than to have a munchies sesh with some of the purest and strongest Delta 8 THC products on the market today. 

We partnered with Eighty Six to create this guide to elevate your Delta 8 munchies.

Be sure to check out their selection of D8 products, which may come in smokable or edible form, and will surely get your cravings rolling, your mouth watering, and your stomach juices flowing. 

What Are The Munchies?

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Almost everyone knows what the munchies are about, whether or not you truly understand the science and behavior factors behind the said phenomenon.

Perhaps you may not be a professional stoner, but I am sure you have at least heard about this wonder of cannabis and the cannabic user experience.

To put it in simple terms, the munchies are a sporadic and quite intense craving you get for food, and this can happen whether or not you’ve smoked some bud. 

However, munchies are tightly related to weed because it is a phenomenon that often occurs while under the influence of certain cannabinoids.

Delta 9 THC is one of the most munchies producing cannabinoids out there, but there is also a possibility of getting munched out when consuming Delta 8.

What Is Delta 8 THC?

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Cannabis has many chemical compounds that we can take advantage of for many different uses and applications.

One of the minor cannabinoids, which is present in a low proportion, is Delta 8 THC, an isomer of the very well-known Delta 9 THC, which produces the strong psychoactive effects associated with weed. 

What sets Delta 8 aside and differentiates it from Delta 9 is that the former does not have the strong psychotropic properties of the latter. It may even produce effects that, in a way, have a closer resemblance to those of CBD.

The milder effects of D8 make way for a smoother and more enjoyable ride, which will benefit the user with many incredible results and will not hinder you with the mind numbness or grogginess of D9.

Eighty Six sources its Delta 8 from hemp, making it safe and federally legal. You should look out for their assortment of cartridges, oils, and edibles, which will taste good and have potent effects on your mind and body. 

Best Food Pairings To Go Along With Delta 8

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Honestly, the best food you can eat while under the influence of the munchies is whichever you prefer.

Still, I want to share a brief list of amazing food pairings that may enlighten and elevate your user experience.

I prefer bold flavors that traditionally may not sound amazing to combine, but due to the increased sensitivity and receptiveness that a high will produce, you may come to love.

Cheese With Fruit

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I love cheese, and I’m almost sure you agree with me that you can never have enough cheese on anything.

While some may not be very prone to trying out Hawaiian pizza, this may be one of the easiest and most available ways of trying out the cheese and fruit combination.

I don’t mind pineapple on pizza but won’t order it myself as I have other preferences for pizza toppings. 

A great combination I recommend is watermelon with a strong, salty cheese like feta or parmesan.

Cut some watermelon up in squares, add it to some arugula, and top it off with a bit of feta cheese for a healthy and tasty salad. I would recommend you try any of these two combinations with Eighty Six’s Piña Express Delta 8 cartridges.

Cured Hams With Fruit

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Spaniards and Italians love mixing cured hams, like prosciutto and serrano, with melon, apples, peaches, and others.

The sugary, juicy, and tangy fruits go along very well with these delicious hams’ salty, somewhat fatty, and intense flavors.

What we’re looking for is to mix and layer complex flavors so your tongue goes wild and basks in unique flavors. 

I would indulge in a couple of hits from the Boo Berry Delta 8 THC Syringe by Eighty Six; it is bound to make your afternoon a productive, creative, and inspiring experience you can top off with a nice snack.

Ice Cream

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Ice cream is probably one of the most popular and sought-after snacks that both stoners and mortals have in common. Everyone loves this creamy delicacy, and it goes well with a lot of other toppings and bases, like pastries, gummies, and sauces. 

I would not waste my time looking to convince you of the many wonders of this creamy treat; all I ask is that you take a few hits of the Jen & Berry’s D8 Vape Cartridge before.

These carts have a brilliant mixture of Gelato and Ice Cream Cake, which will give you a euphoric and energetic afternoon delight.

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