The 10 Best Pre-Rolls In LA

Pre-rolls just make your life easier. There are the best ones in the LA area.

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You may be skeptical about pre-rolls – I was at first, too. For those of you who do not even know what they are, pre-rolls are a weed in the format you need it. There is no need to worry about stashing flowers, learning the rolling technique, and pre-rolls putting the solution right in your hands.

Pre-rolls were not a thing for a very long time. Still, now they are a super standard option amongst cannabis products, actually presented in all kinds of quantities from singles to packs and containing different strains in the joints, like sativas, indicas, or hybrids, and even infused – to mention a few!

You can find pre-rolls of many different brands; below are some of our favorites in all of California.

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Photo courtesy of Circles

Before saying anything about their pre-rolls, I must insist that you visit their website. It is so peculiar yet fascinating that I would suggest visiting it.

About the quality of their pre-rolls, it’s guaranteed high quality. With a pre-roll lineup that has more than 12 options to choose from, including indica, sativa, and hybrids, you’ll definitely find a Circles pre-roll of your preference. And when you see their prices you’ll like them even more.

This brand, founded in 2020, was made with the intention to provide affordable, clean, and safe cannabis products that you can use every day and share with your loved ones.


Lemon Haze Pre-Roll

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CLSICS Rosin-Infused Pre-Rolls

Photo courtesy of CLSICS

CLSICS is a premier brand focused on producing state-of-the-art full spectrum live rosin and rosin-infused products. Handcrafted in San Diego, California by true connoisseurs, their products are made using only found ingredients: ice, water, heat, pressure, and cannabis.

Carefully crafted and perfectly pressed, the CLSICS process is designed to capture the true essence of every cultivar they select, resulting in an unrivaled aromatic and flavorful experience. These compounds work together to deliver an unmatched experience that enhances the entourage effect.

CLSICS has a rosin-infused strain-specific pre-roll line intentionally made for an easy-to-use, on-the-go rosin experience for novices and experts alike. They believe solventless live rosin is the future of cannabis, and they are the ones bringing the future to us.


4-Pack Rosin Infused Pre Rolls

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Flow Kana

Photo courtesy of Flow Kana

Coming from independent cannabis farms across California, Flow Kana’s pre-rolls are excitingly distributed into different sizes, quantities, and strains of weed. They have also incorporated lately, and successfully, the infused pre-rolls, which are also combined with live resin extracts from Caldera.

These premium pre-rolls are filled with premium flowers. The flower is harvested, cured, and then each joint is thoroughly inspected before going into the final wrapper. In addition, it has been carefully infused with CBDs to promote relaxation and stress relief, allowing you to sit back and truly enjoy the moment.

Lake Grade

Photo courtesy of Lake Grade

Lake Grade’s strains vary not just in properties but also in flavor. The sativa-dominant hybrid is called Lemon Sour Diesel because of how its taste resembles lemons and earth. It contains dense, bright green buds with warm amber shades and a lot of covering of fiery orange hairs that sparkle with trichomes.

This strain can make you a bit euphoric, but in a happy, uplifting – and primarily focused – way. Lake Grade’s Whitezilla, on the other hand, is an indica-dominant hybrid, meaning that it smells a bit spicy. The high levels of terpene caryophyllene should be helpful for people with pain management and inflammatory diseases.

Finally, Lake Grade’s Budzilla is the ultimate hybrid, a “balanced hybrid” strain with neon green buds, but these are covered in red hairs on the flowers!


Photo courtesy of Lowell

It all started with Lowell Farm’s award-winning Classic Packs based on the principles of fine craft, transparency, and modern convenience. After the Classic Packs came the individual pre-roll, precisely one single joint, weighing 1 gram and very ready for you to consume.

And finally, the infused pre-roll, which adds a curated effect to the pre-roll and makes the experience even more satisfying.

These joints arrive in a meticulously hand-crafted, high-quality wooden box. From the wood burnished finish to the smooth lacquer lining, the box is designed to last for years to come. Inside, your joints sit on a shelf inside of a special compartment. You’ll also find our high-quality wooden matches enclosed.


dogwalkers pre rolls, mini caliva connoisseur pre rolls

Photo courtesy of Caliva

What I love about Caliva is that it makes online shopping easy. Though they haven’t put a crazy effort into website design, it is very similar to any online sop you are used to, making it simple to fill your cart and filter down the products you are interested in.

On pre-rolls specifically, they have their brand – which combines strains and different variations of the joints’ formats. Still, you can also purchase other companies’ pre-rolls, or any other of the products which are posted, online. This is very useful, in my opinion, since it helps make choices and have everything in the same place if you are interested in different providers.

Pure Beauty

Photo courtesy of Pure Beauty

Quite literally, Pure Beauty products are pure beauty indeed. Their products come in incredibly sexy packaging, which makes them look like expensive creams or perfumes – but they contain something better.

They offer Mini Joints, one of the most adorable ways to smoke week I have ever encountered in the pre-roll field. The packages include 10 Mini Joints or 3.5 grams and can be chosen in Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, or CBD flowers.

All of the pre-rolls are made entirely of natural flowers and wrapped in hemp paper, except for the cigarette option, which are discrete boxes that include five cigarettes of any of the previously mentioned strains, which cannot hold itself entirely with hemp paper.

Claybourne Co.

Photo courtesy of Claybourne Co.

Claybourne has a large variety of strains, maybe even the largest in this market. They sell single infused pre-rolls with flower and kief and triple infused with flower & kief inside, cannabis oil & kief outside.

Specifically, they are “naturally infused” for enhanced quality and potency. This means that aside from high-quality flower, Claybourne’s Single Infused Flyers are rolled with kief straight from the plant – generating a significant impact on your smoking experience. These joints are made from 100% indoor grown plants, they have no extracts or distillates, and are rolled in papers that are natural, unbleached, and free of Calcium Carbonate!

The Triple Infused Flyers are optimized for advanced potency and maximum lift. These are also rolled with kief straight from the plant, and then they’re coated in THC-rich cannabis oil and rolled in kief once more for an even higher elevation.

Space Coyote

This company makes excellent combinations of flower and concentrates to produce these high-quality pre-rolls. Space Coyote works with some of the biggest extract brands to offer a unique selection of infused joints; all meant to be smooth, delicious (or at least better than your average joint), and relaxing.

It’s a collection of handcrafted pre-rolled indica and sativa joints blended with concentrates like hash, resin, and live resin. Each joint weighs half a gram, perfect for sharing each tin with two or three friends the night.

Of course, every tin is different due to the strain of flowers and terpenes used, so you’ll never know exactly what you’ll get. But if you’re buying it for yourself, you shouldn’t need written reviews-just trust your nose!

Lola Lola

Lola Lola Imagine pink pre roll

Photo courtesy of Lola Lola

Including all kinds of pre-rolls, Lola Lola offers the widest variety. Including hash-infused blends and some THC strains also experiment a lot with healing CBDs and their effect.

You can consume your pre-rolls from the following four categories: Healing CBDs, Experiential THCs, Hash Infused THCs, and specialty products, which contain a superb sampler of all their products – a great idea if you are a new joiner in this community.

Calm is their most famous product and is like a hug for your body and mind. A single strain, it’s rich in healing terpenes. Perfect for a relaxing evening at home, especially after a long day at the office. It also helps relieve stress and anxiety symptoms.

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July 05, 2021 — Last Updated July 15, 2021
Written by Marcos Heredia
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July 05, 2021 — Last Updated July 15, 2021
Written by Marcos Heredia

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