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The 10 Best Pre-Rolls In LA

Pre-rolls just make your life easier. There are the best ones in the LA area.

You may be skeptical about pre-rolls – I was at first, too. For those of you who do not even know what they are, pre-rolls are a weed in the format you need it. There is no need to worry about stashing flowers, learning the rolling technique, and pre-rolls putting the solution right in your hands.

Pre-rolls were not a thing for a very long time. Still, now they are a super standard option amongst cannabis products, actually presented in all kinds of quantities from singles to packs and containing different strains in the joints, like sativas, indicas, or hybrids, and even infused – to mention a few!

You can find pre-rolls of many different brands; below are some of our favorites in all of California.


Photo courtesy of Circles

Before saying anything about their pre-rolls, I must insist that you visit their website. It is so peculiar yet fascinating that I would suggest seeing it.

About the quality of their pre-rolls, it’s guaranteed high quality. With a pre-roll lineup that has more than 12 options to choose from, including indica, sativa, and hybrids, you’ll definitely find a Circles pre-roll of your preference. And when you see their prices, you’ll like them even more.

This brand, founded in 2020, was made to provide affordable, clean, and safe cannabis products that you can use every day and share with your loved ones.

Flow Kana

Photo courtesy of Flow Kana

Coming from independent cannabis farms across California, Flow Kana’s pre-rolls are excitingly distributed into different sizes, quantities, and strains of weed. They have also incorporated lately, and successfully, the infused pre-rolls, which are also combined with live resin extracts from Caldera.

These premium pre-rolls are filled with premium flowers. The flower is harvested, cured, and then each joint is thoroughly inspected before going into the final wrapper. In addition, it has been carefully infused with CBDs to promote relaxation and stress relief, allowing you to sit back and truly enjoy the moment.

Lake Grade

Photo courtesy of Lake Grade

Lake Grade’s pre-rolls vary not just in properties but also in flavor. The sativa-dominant hybrid is called Lemon Sour Diesel because of how its taste resembles lemons and earth. It contains dense, bright green buds with warm amber shades and many covering of fiery orange hairs that sparkle with trichomes.

This strain can make you a bit euphoric, but in a happy, uplifting – and primarily focused – way. Lake Grade’s Whitezilla, on the other hand, is an indica-dominant hybrid, meaning that it smells a bit spicy. The high levels of terpene caryophyllene should be helpful for people with pain management and inflammatory diseases.

Finally, Lake Grade’s Budzilla is the ultimate hybrid, a “balanced hybrid” strain with neon green buds, but these are covered in red hairs on the flowers!

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Pure Beauty

Photo courtesy of Pure Beauty

Quite literally, Pure Beauty pre-rolls are pure beauty indeed. Their products come in incredibly sexy packaging, making them look like expensive creams or perfumes – but they contain something better.

They offer Mini Joints, one of the most adorable ways to smoke week I have ever encountered in the pre-roll field. The packages include 10 Mini Joints or 3.5 grams and can be chosen in Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, or CBD flowers.

All their pre-rolls are made entirely of natural flowers and wrapped in hemp paper, except for the cigarette option, which are discrete boxes that include five cigarettes of any of the previously mentioned strains, which cannot hold themselves entirely with hemp paper.

Humboldt Farms

Photo courtesy of Humboldt Farms

With these pre-rolls, you can expect the trademark quality that has made Humboldt Farms one of the best-selling brands in California. They use the same flower you’ll find in their jars but in a convenient pre-rolled format. This means no trim, no shake, no sugar leaf.

These delicate pre-rolls feel and smoke as if they were rolled by a master roller. Expect a smooth and flavorful smoke and an even burn.

Humbold Farms offers singles and 4-packs, both in a reusable beautiful metal case that provides total protection to your j’s and lets you go out and about without worrying about them.


Photo courtesy of LEUNE

LEUNE is a Cali-born brand that transcends cannabis by being a genuine lifestyle brand. They elevate the conversation around cannabis by holding their products subject to unbeatable quality standards.

Their pre-rolls stand out for their flavor profiles which is possible because LEUNE partners with top-of-the-line cultivators and manufacturers that follow transparent production protocols consistently and reliably.

Regardless if you want indica, sativa, or hybrid pre-rolls, LEUNE has got you covered.

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Old Pal

Photo courtesy of Old Pal

Old Pal stands for simplicity in the cannabis world. Their plants are grown in the ground, matured by the sun, and watered by the rain. No need to get fancy; this is California cannabis that everyone can enjoy.

Their pre-rolls are filled with that same top-shelf sun-grown flower we all love. The best thing about Old Pal’s pre-rolls is that they are made for sharing. Very few brands offer packs of 10 pre-rolls. However, very few brands have the standards that Old Pal has.

They’ve got pre-rolls for every mood: euphoric sativas, blissful indicas, and well-balanced hybrids.

El Blunto

Photo courtesy of Albert Einstone

Enough of the bite-sized treats. Here’s a pre-rolled blunt we can wholeheartedly recommend in case size does matter to you.

Packed in a resealable glass tube, like a fine Cuban cigar, and hand-rolled professionally by blunt artisans in tobacco-free all-natural hemp wrap, El Blunto’s pre-rolls could be the Rolls-Royce of pre-rolls.

The company that owns El Blunto, Albert Einstone, is also highly adept at breeding plants and delivers high-potency flowers worthy of the top shelf.


Photo courtesy of Island

Island, staying true to its laid-back roots, keeps it simple with its line of pre-rolls. But this does not mean that they sacrifice the quality of their products. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

These compact single-origin pre-rolls are filled with the highest quality, high THC California flower. Their flower is grown organically by long-time cultivators from Humboldt County, Santa Barbara, and the Bay Area.

Expect nothing but unique flavors and smooth tokes when lighting one of these bad boys.

Stone Road

Photo courtesy of Stone Road

Stone Road offers premium pre-rolls for anyone who’s after an all-natural experience. From the flower they use to rolling paper to packaging, Stone Road’s pre-rolls exude artistry in everything.

They fill their pre-rolls with pure flower and sometimes hash. They’re also hand-rolled in unbleached cellulose paper imported from France and carefully packaged to preserve quality. Stone Road’s flower is grown by small family farms in Northern California.

If you love all-natural smoking experiences, Stone Road is the way to go.

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