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Best THC-O Vapes: Another Nifty Barely Legal Alternative

If you wanna vape THC's potent cousin, these are the best products to do it.

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Recent discoveries have led to the synthesis of another of THC’s cousins; THC-O is a strong psychedelic compound with a yet-undefined legal status.

Let’s take a look at the best THC-O vape products on the market:

Best THC-O Vape Cartridges

Mellow Fellow

Mellow Fellow

Purple Punch THC-O Vape Cartridge

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This brand, which specializes in Delta 8 products, has also added acetate to the mix to cater to THC-O enthusiasts. Their catalog is broad and includes a variety of strains and presentations, including disposables and cartridges.

With seven strains to choose from, you’ll have plenty of highs on offer, all of them potent in the way that only THC-O can be. There are four hybrids (Gelato, Wedding Cake, Blueberry OG, and Cherry Pie), two indicas (Purple Punch and Zkittlez), and a single sativa (Sour Diesel) for sale on their storefront.

Bundles are also available if you want to try a sample platter and save a little on each cart.


Binoid CBD

White Runtz THC-O Vape Cartridge

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Here’s a hemp company that you can trust. Binoid specializes in producing all kinds of stimulating compounds deriving from the hemp plant; it was only natural they tried their hand at THC-O.

Their cartridges contain one gram of 92% THC-O, providing powerful physical and mental effects in a soaring high.

Find them in Blue Zkittlez, Do Si Dos, Maui Wowie, White Runtz, Skywalker OG, and Super Harlequin as well as in a bundle.

Bearly Legal

This California company, which also dabbles in hemp derivates like Delta 8 and THC-O, has a wide array of carts available, 15 to be precise.

Their strains include old-school classics like OG Kush and Granddaddy Purp, as well as some strains we had barely heard of, like Gas Berry and Pineapple Diesel.

Flavor varies slightly between each cart, but the effects remain mostly the same. Bearly Legal’s THC-O products deliver a buzzing body-high that can knock you out for the night, providing restful sleep and muscular relaxation in tandem with a swirling cerebral high that takes your mind to unexpected places.

Fuked Up

This company offers some of the best prices available for THC-O cartridges, frequently retailing for around $20. Their stuff is potent, honoring their namesake in the way they alter your consciousness. Each cart contains 1 g THC-O combined with natural plant-derived terpenes to contribute to taste.

Feel yourself let go with any of their 12 available strains, four indicas, four sativas, and four hybrids. The differences between strains are negligible, but there is a slight body-high tendency in the indicas and a mind-high tendency in the sativas.

The reality is, all of them deliver a punch; they are great for weekend getaways or weekend afternoons when you have time to chill out and enjoy their effects.

Bay Smokes

Bay Smokes is another brand that has mastered the world of these new hemp-derived cannabinoids. From flower to edibles and vape carts, you’ll find all Delta 8, Delta 10, and THC-O products in their catalog.

Their 1 gram cartridges are prepared from the highest quality hemp-derived THC-O with pure cannabis terpenes for a superior smoke and flavor. The choice of connoisseurs who seek to relax and unwind in style.

These come in three strains: Grandaddy Purp, Pineapple Express, and Zkittles.

Utoya Organics

Utoya’s ceramic coil cartridges carry notable quality to them and burn concentrate evenly without metallic intrusion. Their store has a wide array of hemp-derived products, including Delta 8, CBD, and THC-O.

Each cart contains from 900 to 950 mg of THC-O, paired with 100 to 150 mg of trace cannabinoids and various plant-derived terpenes that give each strain (there are four to choose from) its flavor personality.

All the strains available are also labeled as “super sativa,” which serves to communicate the absolute potency of THC-O cartridges. They deliver a dose of vitality and mental stimulus with a significant body lightness that aids in relaxation.

Best THC-O Disposable Vapes

Mellow Fellow

With nine strains to choose from, Mellow Fellow reigns in the disposable THC-O category when it comes to variety. The taste varies from strain to strain, but the effects do so much less. They are all-powerful and can deliver body-numbing and mind-altering highs, with slight tendencies to one or the other depending on if it includes indica or sativa terpenes.

Fruity flavor lovers rejoice as you can take your pick between Pineapple Express, Purple Punch, Strawberry Cough, Blueberry OG, and Cherry Pie in case you’re looking for sweetness.

Other strains on offer include Wedding Cake, Sour Diesel, and Zkittlez, a whole range of experiences available to keep it mellow.


Binoid delivers four strains of its THC-O cart lineup (Maui Wowie, Blue Zkittlez, Do Si Dos, and White Runtz) in a disposable form factor. All four can be bought together in a bundle form.

The battery itself is sleek and discreet, so no one will immediately know about the sheer psychedelic power you’re packing.

These rechargeable disposables contain one gram of 92% THC-O and 8% plant-derived terpenes from the selected strain, and you can really feel the concentration. These are potent concentrates, so go easy on the first couple of drags.

Delta Extrax

Delta Extrax is no newbie when it comes to synthesizing cannabinoids and packing them reliably into a convenient disposable package. The battery is rechargeable, so you won’t have to worry about leaving some oil behind; it will make the most out of the single gram packed into each disposable.

Choose between Berry Gelato (indica) and GSC (hybrid) and soar with one or two drugs of this tasty vape oil. GSC is an indica-leaning hybrid that works best at night due to its relaxing properties; it is hard-hitting in its natural flower form, so you can only imagine how it hit in its THC-O variant.

The more mellow of the two is Berry Gelato, which delivers bodily tingles before the full high hits and exorcizes any tension you have accumulated during the day.

Fuked Up

Fuked Up sells some of the best THC-O disposable vape pens available. Their stuff is potent and is regularly priced at around $49.99 per pen. Each pen contains 1 g THC-O combined with natural plant-derived terpenes for an enhanced taste.

They have the amplest offering of THC-O disposables with 12 strains to choose from. Regardless if you’re into uplifting sativas, couch-locking indicas, or balanced hybrids, you’ll find something for you in their catalog.

They specialize in high-quality, potent goods that are at an affordable price. These vape pens will give you long-lasting effects while allowing you to enjoy the product for years to come.

Utoya Organics

This nifty disposable battery can surprise anyone with the amount of THC-O power it can deliver; whether at home or on the go, you can drag discreetly and sail through seas of highness.

Each contains 850 to 920mg of THC-O, paired with 50 to 100 mg of terpenes when applicable. In every offering other than Natural, that simply opts for the flavorless qualities of THC-O.

If you want to keep your tastebuds entertained, however, you can choose between 24 Karat Gold, Banana Runtz, Raspberry Kush, and Wedding Cake and let yourself be had by this surprisingly strong compound.

What Is THC-O?

Photo by Mariya Sorvacheva / Adobe Stock

Its full name is THC-O acetate, and all research points to it being up to three times stronger than regular delta-9 THC. Like another of its cousins, delta-8 THC, it’s derived from the hemp plant and still yet to be fully regulated by federal law, meaning it exists within a legal gray area that allows it to be distributed and consumed legally in many states.

Even though it’s relatively new to the mainstream audience, the US Military has synthesized and experimented with it since 1949.

For its production, a compound called acetic anhydride is added to hemp-derived delta-8 THC molecules. Acetic anhydride is a highly flammable substance, which is why producers must provide controlled laboratory conditions for its safe production. Please do NOT attempt to synthesize THC-O at home like CBD or THC oil, as it involves serious risks.

THC-O Effects

There’s a relative lack of research regarding the effects of THC-O or anything THC-O-related, for that matter. However, it has been estimated by some studies to be up to three times stronger than run-of-the-mill THC.

Consumers report THC-O as a highly psychedelic and reflective experience, likening its effects to those of LSD or mushrooms. The acetate molecule added to the Delta 8 THC notably increases the potency of the compound, and you might experience roughly the same effects (and side effects!) of Delta 9 THC with a boost.

Start low and slow with it, intaking less than you’re accustomed to with regular THC so that you can identify your response. If you frequently experience paranoia or anxiety when smoking weed, then maybe reconsider trying THC-O, as it has the power to deliver a mighty bad trip to unsuspecting consumers.

Also, consider that, unlike THC, THC-O takes from 20 to 30 minutes to induce its effects. This is because the molecule has to be properly metabolized by your body, separating the acetate molecule from the THC before it can stimulate an endocannabinoid system response.


Photo by cendeced / Adobe Stock Photo

We’ve talked about its potency, and effects-wise that’s the main difference between these two compounds. There’s also the issue of metabolization, where THC-O takes considerably longer due to its complex chemical structure and its incompatibility with cannabinoid receptors.

Although both compounds get you plenty high, working perfectly for recreational purposes, THC-O’s added strength may make it a more attractive therapeutic and medical compound for those who struggle to get relief from pain and discomfort with regular THC. Again, if you start slow, you may deduce if THC-O works for you in these situations.

Perhaps the most significant difference between the two, however, has to be their legal status. THC is a federally regulated substance, THC-O, as a hemp plant derivate, is federally legal and protected by the 2018 Farm Bill.

States are catching up to its popularity and are starting to legislate specifically for THC-O, so its inconclusive legal status may soon change. For the moment, though, it is a legal alternative for consumers in many states where THC is illegal.

Also, unlike THC, THC-O’s mass production is still in its early stages. For you, as a consumer, this means that you should pay special attention to the reputability of the seller, as using subpar compounds or procedures in its production can make the product unpredictable. This is why we have taken the time to develop this list of vape cartridges you can try with confidence.

October 06, 2021
Written by Pedro Bernal
THC-Ovape cartridgesvape pens
October 06, 2021
Written by Pedro Bernal
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