Grower’s Choice Seeds Review

Exceptional quality is something most growing enthusiasts are willing to pay a premium for, and also something you will definitely find at Grower's Choice Seeds.

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Website Layout

Upon loading, the first thing you’ll notice about the Growers Choice Seeds website is that it’s neatly organized by category tabs at the very top of the website.

You’ll find a different section for each major category; Auto-flowering Seeds, Feminized Seeds, High CBD Medical Seeds (which is one that I have not encountered before), and of course, a SALES tab specifically for online sales.

Some online SALES can seem a little stingy in terms of variety, but not with Growers Choice Seeds. Although the sales don’t seem to be extremely favorable (only a few dollars off), there are lots of strains to choose from. From CBD to Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrids, it’s all there.

On each of the category tabs, you can hover your mouse over them and a pliable list of strains will appear. I liked this a lot because it allows you to see what the seed bank has available for you without having to load a new page and scroll down. This is particularly helpful if you have a good idea of what it is exactly you’re looking for or if you have a particular strain in mind.

I’m assuming that the pop-up list for each tab is constituted of the best sellers.

Overall, I loved the layout of the home landing page for the website. It’s extremely easy to navigate and responsive as well. Some cannabis seed bank websites tend to look a bit ‘underdeveloped’, but not this one.

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Overall, the pricing was not a source of happiness for me at first glance. Pricing is pretty standard and compared to other competitors, a bit above average. 


During my time reviewing seed banks, I’ve noticed that not many seed banks offer great customer service and some of them have had horror stories of seed shipment not making it to destination and customer service agents completely disappearing.

I guess you get what you pay for. Because that does not seem to be the case with Growers Choice Seeds. But their TrustPilot score is not the best, which has to be said.

Strictly speaking, in terms of pricing Growers Choice is reasonable but I’ve seen better pricing out there, and while their TrustPilot score could improve, I doubt that the horror stories I’ve heard of will be the same with Growers Choice.

Seed Quality

Seed quality at Grower’s Choice is above industry standard. Their reliability and the brand’s trust in their product are proven by their 90% germination guarantee for a 60 day timelapse. If germination doesn’t happen then the company commits to sending you a replacement pack of seeds. Very nice touch.

The growth speeds and life cycles of the plants that are called out by the company seem to be on the dot most of the time. Which has helped build the Grower’s Choice brand among avid growers and enthusiasts.

Grower’s Choice Seeds are hand-picked and individually tested.

Overall seed quality does not seem to be an issue it seems to be the opposite.


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We mentioned earlier that efficient shipping did not seem to be an issue with Grower’s Choice. Part of the reason is that the company is based out of California.

This not only adds to seed quality but also the efficiency of shipping. Not having to clear customs is a huge upside, especially for a sketchy subject like marijuana seeds. But if you’re not located in the U.S., the company also offers international shipping.

Grower’s Choice ships with USPS. In the current turmoil we live in due to the pandemic, this means that most of the company’s international shipping is stopped indefinitely. Grower’s Choice will provide a list of countries at checkout to which they can still ship to, but it’s likely to take weeks before you get your product outside of the U.S. 

Even within the U.S. shipping looks like it’s taking a long time to process. But this is out of Grower’s Choice hands.

Using USPS also means that the shipping fee is higher than expected. A $9.95 standard fee within the U.S. territory and anywhere between $14.95 – $30 for international shipping. It has to be said, that they also offer free delivery, but you’ll have to purchase upwards of $50 in your order. This can be a little frustrating because most of their seeds are around the $40 mark, which means you’ll have to spend somewhere in the vicinity of $70-$80.

Shipping times can vary between 10 to 25 days, but I would plan for much more than that during the pandemic.

Packaging at Grower’s Choice is don RIGHT. Seeds come in medical-grade vials that keep them fresh and chemically stable. The vials are also packaged well and damage should not happen to your product during shipping.

If you live outside the U.S., then you can also choose stealth delivery. Great little perk for overseas growers. Although with the pricing displayed int the GCS website, it doesn’t make much sense to purchase from them if you live outside the U.S. where cannabis seeds tend to be much, much cheaper.


I was sad to find out that on top of the above-average seed pricing, Grower’s Choice also charges an 8% fee for credit card payments. Granted, it’s not them doing the charging, it’s their operator; MESH. But still, I can do without having to pay 8% on an $80 order.

Aside from that, which is probably a huge nuisance for most customers, they do offer other payment options; Zelle, Bitcoin, and Mail.

Which to be honest with you, could do it for some, but not for many. At least not for me. Overall, I found the payment methods offered by GCS to be a turnoff but bitcoin does seem to be a very popular thing so, there’s that.

Customer Service

Photo by Вадим Пастух / Adobe Stock Photo

Most Grower’s Choice clients seem to be very happy with customer service. They have quick response times and a variety of articles and landing pages that take you through most of your doubts without even having to contact them directly. 

If you do need to contact the company directly, they offer a ‘send message’ option at the bottom right-hand corner of the website. Easy to send and easy to access.


Despite having a slightly above-average pricing strategy and charging a minimum of $9.95 for standard shipping, Grower’s Choice Seeds is a reliable brand. They offer quality seeds and give you a guarantee of germination. Customer service is easy to access and steps to make a purchase are clearly laid out on the website. Although some reviewers claim that the strain lineup was a bit short, I thought their variety was quite ample.

March 24, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena
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March 24, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena

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