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The Best Dispensaries In Glendale, CA

Glendale is a beautiful city deep in the Verdugo Mountains.

The Jewel City is the fourth largest city in Los Angeles County, home to a thriving culinary and touristic scene. When in town, you’ll want to stroll around and take advantage of the products available at the best five dispensaries in Glendale. 

You’re going to be just ten miles away from downtown LA and not so far from other places like Hollywood, Pasadena, and Eagle Rock. It’s best to buy some flower or your favorite concentrate and hit the streets. 


Greenwolf LA

Greenwolf is a high-end cannabis retailer with several locations in Los Angeles, California. The Glendale location is perfect for those looking for the best products when in town. 

The brands carried, in conjunction with the innovation Greenwolf has brought to the market, have earned the brand more awards than any other cannabis shop in High Times history.

Greenwolf LA has locations in South Los Angeles, Bellflower, and Glendale. They provide a continuous supply of high-quality cannabis goods, accessories, and all the devices and gizmos you’d wish for. 

The Greenwolf LA Glendale shop is located at 2950 Los Feliz Boulevard. Their well-trained staff can help you find whatever it is you’re after and more. Take advantage of all of Greenwolf’s deals, like 15% off for new members and 10% off for students!

Cornerstone Wellness

The staff at Cornerstone Wellness are trained to provide customers with a completely tailored and well-curated experience. The idea is to educate customers on the therapeutic benefits of hemp and cannabis. 

Cornerstone Wellness sells high-quality cannabis goods from merchants. Adult-use consumers in Los Angeles can roll up professionally cultivated cultivars such as Durban Poison and Nova Cane or take discreet draws from designer vape cartridges made by Pax and Raw Garden. There are also edibles, topicals, tinctures, and pre-rolls on the menu

Green Earth Collective

Green Earth Collective is centrally located in Highland Park. Their objective is to educate clients on the natural and holistic benefits of cannabis. 

Every day, they aim to deliver courteous service from competent sales professionals that genuinely care about our customers and our community. Green Earth’s goal is to equip both medical patients and recreational users with the information they need to select the best product for their individual scenarios.

Green Earth Collective is one of the oldest cannabis businesses in Los Angeles. They were founded in 2007 to assist medicinal users but are now expanding their product line to include recreational adult consumers.

Velvet Cannabis Dispensary

In each of its premium retail locations, Velvet provides an outstanding shopping experience. There are locations in the Bay Area and Los Angeles near Eagle Rock.

Velvet was established in 2018 by two friends from California. You can anticipate tidy, open, and welcoming spaces with a laid-back atmosphere and a kind and informed staff. This magnificent location has everything you’re looking for.

The Velvet team can help you through their menu to find the experience you’re searching for. They have something to satisfy your needs and will make you feel perfectly at home. Regardless if you’re a veteran cannabis aficionado, a medical patient, or just starting out your journey with this beautiful plant.

There are rotating and weekly specials and deals that will make your budget go for longer. Take advantage of their discounts and promotions. You’ll end up getting the most out of your bucks.

Medicine Of The Angels, MOTA

MOTA is a great dispensary to visit near Glendale. What’s even better is they produce most of the products on their lineup, making sure you get the best of the best. 

Medicine Of The Angels is a vertically integrated medicinal cannabis dispensary and cannabis store located at 4001 W Sunset Boulevard, LA. Their store is very pleasing and has a peaceful aura you will feel joyful to be in. 

If you’re ever in town and looking for vibrant and sexy strains you need to pay MOTA a visit. Their store is beautiful! You will be able to get information and a tailored experience from the knowledgeable and inspiring staff. 

Whether you’re looking for flower, pre-rolls, or concentrates and edibles, there is something for you here. 

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