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The Smoke Flask, Joint Holder Case – Black

The Brock Boheme Co. designed and launched The Smoke Flask and it will become your new favorite weed accessory.  The slim and stylish joint case holds 5 Pre Rolled Cones, Raw Cones, Joints or Blunts and can be stowed inside a blazer, coat, pants pocket, clutch or backpack providing a discreet and low profile.

The airtight silicone seal conceals the strongest odors making The Smoke Flask the best selling “on the go” stash box on the market. 

Smell Proof, Crush Proof & Waterproof – just load up and head out.  Great for casual adventures in town, hiking, concerts, or the beach. Also useful around the house, road trips and fire pits.

The hip flask design will impress, and can be used as a blunt holder or joint case. Standing 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide, the unique curved shape, slips into any pocket comfortably. 

Limited Time, 20% off your first order, use promo code: Herb

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