King Kone Starter Kit – Filling Machine, Grinder

$200 Instant Rebate and $100 Store Credit

Get your pre-roll business rolling with the King Kone Pre-Roll Starter Kit. Whether you are small farm or company newly expanding into pre-rolls, this kit gives your business everything it needs to efficiently grind and pack your product. This pre-roll production kit includes a Metal King Kone Pre-roll Cone Filling Machine and an Industrial Cannabis Grinder. This grinder provides a high-quality grind for the highly efficient King Kone Pre-Rolled Cone Filling Machine. Finally, the $100 store credit gives you a head start on any pre-roll cones you want for your brand. You can also bundle an industrial sifter to the order for additional savings. Spark up your pre-roll business with King Kone Pre-Roll Starter Kit.

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