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Glass Rolling Trays

Looking for a coffee table centrepiece with both style and class? Try one of Ooze’s shatter resistant premium glass rolling tray. The glass version of Ooze’s rolling tray series features the same original artwork, but on a smoother glass surface for added style points. Every year, Ooze releases 11 brand new designs so your rolling tray is always unique. 

  • 11 brand new 2020 designs available now!
  • Shatter resistant glass that can easily withstand most falls and blows. (Different than shatter resistant) 
  • High-quality product that comes at a great price value.

Ooze’s glass rolling trays are a simple way to organize your rolling station. Instead of grabbing the closest object with a flat-surface in your vicinity, invest in a rolling tray to step up your game. Whether you’re trying to keep cannabis crumbs off the couch, or need a contained area to separate your blunt wrap from the tobacco inside, Ooze’s glass rolling tray is the perfect tool. 

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