Ooze vaporizer
Ooze vaporizer
Ooze vaporizer

OozeSlim Twist Vaporizer Battery

This sleek and stylish, best-selling vaporizer is the only tool you’ll ever need for your vape cartridges. Simply charge the battery by plugging the USB-side into your computer or a port, then screw the USB attachment off and replace it with a cartridge once the battery is full. This inexpensive and effective vaporizer is designed to slide discreetly into your pocket, jacket, or purse so you can catch a vibe no matter where you are. 

  • Smart USB technology knows when your battery is fully charged, and automatically shuts off to prevent battery-damaging overcharging. 
  • Comes in 15 colors so you can choose between any color of the rainbow, plus a tie-die and rainbow version. 
  • Every Slim Twist pen comes with a full lifetime warranty.

The Slim Twist Vaporizer Battery is perfect for on-the-go dabs with a wax atomizer. To use this device, simply click the button twice—activating 10 seconds of continuous heat—and inhale.


510 thread
320 mAh
Adjustable Voltage:
3.3V - 4.8V


Ooze is the bright, colourful centre of the cannabis accessories universe. True to cannabis culture, Ooze is committed to keeping it real with products that cater to the average, everyday smoker. That’s because the Ooze brand itself is run by a team of passionate cannabis consumers that are committed to only supplying products that they want to use themselves. With products and accessories spanning every cannabis category—from flower, to concentrates, to oil cartridges—consumers are certain to find the right product for them in the Ooze shop. Ooze also knows that not every cannabis consumer can afford the latest designer bong or vaporizer—that’s why they always keep their price points low, so their products are affordable for all cannabis consumers. With warranties backing up all of their tech products, cannabis lovers can now focus less on the price of their gear, and more on what mind-blowing cannabis strain they’re going to use it with.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto