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Ash Tray

Stop ashing into your coffee mug. We have something better for you. Introducing the Honest Ash Tray. Simple, convenient, durable, portable, and stylish. Fresh flower looks and smells amazing. But once you turn it into ash… not so much. That’s why the Honest ashtray features an air-tight lid that can be popped onto the tray, containing the sights and smells of ash within.

  • Air-tight lid
  • Silicone base
  • Shatter-resistant glass

When you’re using the ashtray, just pop the lid onto the bottom. The grippy silicone keeps the tray from sliding around and protects it in case of drops. Inspired by the classic crystal ashtrays of the past, this unit is built to last. The ultra-clear and shatter-resistant crystal glass is 1/2″ thick, and weighs almost a pound.

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