SuperetteTV Dinner Rolling Tray

This is just what any stoner needs to roll joints, blunts, or even just packing a pipe before a session of TV binge-watching. Get this rolling tray and see how you can roll joints without needing a table, and without wasting any weed.

  • Made by Studio AOK
  • 11 x 8 inches
  • Gently wash with cold water and soap only

Get this Superette rolling tray and see how your joint rolling skills improve, and your stash lasts longer.


If somebody can manage to make cannabis just as enjoyable as consuming it, it’s Superette. By taking a fresh approach to the traditional cannabis dispensary, this retail brand has somehow created a space where nostalgic & traditional meets immersive & familiar. The checkered walls and candy-red barstools remind you of a 1950s Shake Shop, while the scent flower displays on the wall allow you to feel your purchase before it actually becomes a purchase. Superette is all about creating moments, and the moments they’ve created in the buying process are filled with delight every step of the way. Not to mention a wide variety of accessories and merch that inspire the buyer to live that “high” life.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto