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Get some delicious flavouring in with your cannabis regime with Pineapple Gummies by Aurora Drift! Juicy and bursting with sweet natural flavour this will take you on a tropical vacation indeed! Skip the intoxicating effects of THC with the dominant CBD profile at 10mg per gummy pack! A great alternative to smoking and still reaping the beneficial effects from cannabis. These gummies are infused with high quality cannabinoid extract, micro dosed for your convenience.

These gummies are free from artificial ingredients and animal products, and are gluten free. You can expect relaxing effects, and because the gummies are CBD dominant they are also ideal for new users or those with lower intolerance. All while tasting sweet with no odour of cannabis, gummies are simple and round with an opaque yellow colour. They are small enough to remain portable so why not try on the go, or an addition to your favourite movie snack.


0-1 mg
10 mg


Full Body
1 hour

Aurora Drift

Inspired by technology and nature, Aurora Drift is looking into the future of cannabis. Offering a selection of vaporizers and edibles, their products are suited to the discreet, on-the-go user. Their disposable vapes are particularly good for first-timers.

  • Available in edibles and vaporizers for subtleness.
  • Great for beginners.

Since they’re non-rechargeable, there’s no need to worry about dragging along a battery-pack, simply puff and go. Aurora Drift also tempts you to follow your taste with a variety of edibles that come in gummies, mints, chocolate squares, and soft-baked chocolate cookies — mmm. Whatever your taste, drift off to your heart’s content.

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