Chowie WowieWatermelon THC Gummies

Treat yourself to a packet of scrumptiously sweet and indulgent gummies that are watermelon flavoured with zero cannabis taste but all the effects! These dome shaped gummies are made with 2.5mg THC cannabis distillate per gummy and contain 4 per pack.

Share with friends or indulge with a good movie, there’s never a wrong moment.
These edibles are fun, tasty and colorful with flavours bursting of fruits and sweetness, so grab a bag open chew and go! With 10mg THC per packet you can expect to feel uplifting effects creating physical energy and the ultimate pick me up! One chew at a time..




Full Body
1 hour

Chowie Wowie

Now this is something you can chow down on. Sprinkle some fun and brightness into your edibles and that’s Chowie Wowie. The brand that could change the way you feel about cannabis edibles are ready to flaunt their stuff. Their choice of flavors are temptingly mouthwatering: watermelon gummies, pineapple mango gummies, and milk chocolate — all with different ratios of THC to CBD.

  • Tasty chews and milk chocolate with different levels of THC:CBD.
  • Safe and consistent product each time.

Chowie Wowie’s gummies and chocolates are perfect to discreetly have by yourself or to share with a group of friends. And regardless of how luscious their products are, try not to gobble down the whole pack — effects can take 30 minutes or longer to show up.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto