Holistic IndustriesDo Drops Lemon Gummies

Holistic Industries is the household name for a variety of kick-ass cannabis products. In this case, we’re talking about Do Drops. A THC infused gummy combined with the acidic but still sweet flavor and aroma of lemon.

  • 2.5 mg THC/gummy
  • 20 gummies/pack

Potent but not unpredictable, this on the go gummy understands what it means to provide a balanced high that will not impair your performance in any task. Currently available in Massachusetts but coming soon to other select states across the U.S.




Full Body
1 hour
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Holistic Industries

Holistic Industries is dedicated to elevating the future of cannabis through outstanding products, innovative processes, expert education, and value for our patients and partners. It strives to provide the best in patient care and empowers employees to work hand-in-hand with the retailers to serve the communities in which they work. Their team is composed of experts in cannabis cultivation and dispensing, and top-in-their field professionals. Holistic Industries today operates in multiple states and takes care of the entire process of their cannabis, from growing the seed to selling the final product. Their top priority is to provide access to quality, safe medicine. They care about patients, customers, and associates, and their experience interacting with the brand.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto