RMDYCBD Oral Strip

Enjoy the ultimate ease of RMDY’s oral strips – 10 individually wrapped dissolvable mouth strips made to make your cannabis experience simple and effective as it should be. These strips come in a handy carrying case helping you to enjoy CBD on the move. Each strip contains 10mg of CBD distillate, great for those looking to enjoy cannabis without the intense psychoactive effects of THC.

Each strip is mint flavoured and leaves no trace of earthy hemp taste, enjoy before the work day with minty fresh breath, or that first date with no worries and all of the calming and relaxing effects CBD has to offer. Discreet and flavourful, you can share easily or leave and take as many as you want. Strips are pre dosed to help you track your CBD intake easily.




Full Body
1 hour


Balance Feels Better. With RMDY, the brand offers high-quality cannabis goods such as pens, oils, melts, and mints. No fire, rolling, or grinding required! RMDY offers the best non-combustible forms of cannabis, helping users to enjoy as discreetly and as fuss-free as possible.

  • Non-combustible forms of cannabis.
  • Vape pens, spray oils, melts, and mints available.

So take RMDY with you anytime and anywhere – a safe and discreet way of enjoying all of the plant-based benefits without needing to strike a match. The perfect way to discreetly enjoy!

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto