Fast-Acting Chai Spiced White Chocolate Bar

Satori’s fast-acting chocolates are truly the most delicious way to eat cannabis and get a quick onset in the process. These cannabis-infused treats are the result of combining sustainably crafted chocolate with premium organic cannabis extracts and the latest developments in cannabinoid science. 

  • 10 mg THC/serving
  • One bar/serving
  • Ingredients: white chocolate, cocoa butter, chai spice blend, turmeric, Vesisorb 450, cannabis oil 

This Chai Spiced White Chocolate’s flavor is a perfect blend of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, clove, nutmeg, and more with luxurious premium French white chocolate. Satori’s in-house chef adds turmeric to give this golden bar its beautiful hue while adding an extra dimension of flavor. These treats are a limited-edition seasonal specialty. Get them while supplies last.



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