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Quick-Onset Gummies

Through innovation, research, and technology, Wana has created a new category within the edible market: quick-onset gummies. Wana developed and patented a brand new cannabinoid delivery technique called thermodynamic individual molecular encapsulation, or TiME for short, to solve the dosing inconsistencies and slow-acting effects of edibles. 

  • Flavors: Strawberry Margarita, Peach Bellini, and Piña Colada.
  • Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid varieties.
  • 45gr packages

These fast-acting edibles use individually encapsulated THC compounds that completely bypass the liver and are absorbed into the bloodstream right away. This means that they interact with the body in a way more similar to that of inhaled cannabis. The effects should come on for most people in less than fifteen minutes, making it much easier to gauge how much product you should use. 

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