Franco’s Lemon Cheese

This talkative, Sativa-dominant strain is the perfect pairing for good conversations. Franco’s Lemon Cheese is named after one of the industry’s most legendary figures, the late Franco Loja, a larger-than-life cannabis icon known for traveling to the distant corners of the globe to find the rarest landrace strains on the planet. 

  • Best time of day: daytime 
  • Flavour notes: cheddar cheese, citrus fruit
  • Terpenes: Myrcene, caryophyllene, humulene
  • Outdoor-grown flower
  • THC level: between 16% and 20%

Treat yourself with the surprising flavours of these snowy green buds, a rare strain that will for sure stand out from the rest. Break out Franco’s Lemon Cheese whenever you’re in the mood for discovery, or looking for adventure in your own backyard. Loja braved the dangers of the natural world so you don’t have to—simply roll up some of Franco’s Lemon Cheese and indulge in this transportive strain.





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