Acreage Pharms, Ltd.SCENTimental

Experience a nostalgic journey through time with the massively fragrant Scentimental variety from Acreage Pharms that boasts strong natural skunky flavours and a THC potency profile of 12% – 20%. The contributing terpenes to this variety are pinene with its all natural woody aroma, myrcene, bringing herbaceous odours that tie in with limonene to produce a sour skunky aroma that is certain to bring you back.

Scentimental is a hybrid crop therefore displays effects from both indica and sativa based plants. Contains a mid to high potency profile – approach with caution to test the waters, but once you have and feel comfortable there is no stopping.


12-20 %
0-0.5 %


Full Body
1 hour

Acreage Pharms, Ltd.

Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Acreage Pharms Ltd. is no stranger to the outdoors. The low humidity, sparkling clear water, and crisp fresh air make for exceptional conditions for growing cannabis.

  • Has over ten plant research and grow rooms to expand their knowledge.
  • Products are quality checked for contaminants.

By expanding their growth, Acreage Pharms Ltd is content on producing more strains for every type of customer need. They’ve proven this by creating eleven plant research and growing rooms. Now, Acreage Pharms Ltd. are able to announce their unique line-up of THC and CBD based oil products. Each and every product is produced consistently and full of fluffy goodness.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto