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Blue WidowCanna Farms

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Blue Widow is everything the name suggests – a cross between Blueberry and White Widow strains, this bud will give users the best of both worlds. This hybrid strain leans slightly towards the indica side of things and has a relatively high THC potential, ranging between 18% and 20% with only trace amounts of CBD. Expect to feel uplifted and calm all at the same time.

This flower will have a strong, sweet aroma that has the faintest hint of sour citrus and crisp pine. With tints of blue and purple and a coat of wispy orange pistils, it’s quite a looker, too. Blue Widow plays against type providing more mental, heady effects. Indica properties will offer you a sense of deep relaxation and euphoria, while the Sativa side will help keep you feeling uplifted and energetic throughout your day. In higher doses, the blissful relaxation this strain provides may lead to drowsiness and help you get to sleep.


18-20 %
0-1 %


Full Body
1 hour

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto