Color CannabisSummer Shishkaberry

Invoking lazy summer days with just the name, this strain is an indica dominant hybrid strain that is ideal for enjoying on a sunny day when you don’t have many commitments to worry about. As you’d expect, this strain is grown in the summertime when living is easy and crosses DJ Short Blueberry with an unknown Afghani strain – the result is a strain with a THC potential between 12 and 20% and a CBD potential that caps out at around 2%.

Shiskaberry’s buds have a fruit and berry aroma and will be painted with luxurious, deep shades of purple. When smoked, users can expect pungent earthy and spicy notes on the nose and a sense of deep relaxation with a feeling of pure happiness – initially great for socializing, this strain’s indica dominance makes itself known about an hour into the experience, resulting in a blissfully lazy high.


12-20 %
0-2 %


Full Body
1 hour

Color Cannabis

Color is the finishing touch on everything. That is why Color Cannabis stands out like a rainbow against a dull sky. They believe that each individual is on their own cannabis journey, each experience being subjective.

  • Cannabis plants are hand-trimmed.
  • Flowers are dried naturally for better taste.
  • State-of-the-art greenhouses.

Color Cannabis has been able to experiment with thousands of plants which gives them an edge. Taking every step they can think of to ensure that their product is up to standard with taste, quality, and safety, Color Cannabis has created a new world of color.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto