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Cloud Nine

Get floaty with a Delta9 Premium Product. Cloud Nine has a high THC potential, reaching up to 24%. This phenotype is best enjoyed by experienced and intermediate users.
Cloud Nine is an indica hybrid variety and is a descendant from NYC Diesel and Milky Way cultivars.

This beauty is nurtured from sapling to full grown plant to create sticky-resinous trichomes and juicy buds.The cultivar is trimmed to the core – leaving no loose leaf and minimizing the size of the stem. The florets have a ripe lime tone with rich orange pistil strands and fluorescent bright yellow trichomes.

Its diverse terpene mixture, attributed to its lineage, produces a pungent floral aroma with earthy undertones. The duration of the high can last up to 6 hours that will leave you relaxed and uplifted.





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