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Lemon Skunk is the product of cross pollination between two Skunk plants. The lemon mother originates from Las Vegas and has been preserved for over 2 decades. The father was chosen local to DNA Genetics in Holland. The plant yields small crops with massively pungent florets.

This variety offers a dense calyx-to-sugar-leaf ratio which produces a tight bud with compact features. The buds are grassy green with lush tones of lime and brightly coloured orange pistil hairs. Trichomes are evenly distributed across the bulb giving it a lightly frosted appearance.

There are many associative benefits to this phenotype for combating stress and depression. The effects are cheerful and energetic and can be attributed to its terpene composition. Lemon Skunk is a moderately potent herb with a THC profile of 13% – 22%.


13-22 %
1 %


Full Body
1 hour

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