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Afghani Kush

Afghani Kush is an Indica dominant strain with roots leading to the Hindu Kush mountain range close to the Afganistan-Pakistan boarder. It is mother to nearly all Kush strains we see available today. White Label Seed Company, made its seeds available for all to grow.

Afghani’s buds are large crystal covered flowers with a full dusting of resin, a true beauty! Users can expect herbal, citrus and peppery scents coming through with each smoke created from the interesting pairing of terpenes present.

Afghani Kush is a calming strain with some energising effects, with a THC content at 18-22% and little to no CBD this strain proves perfect for nighttime use and is great in seeping into a state of relaxation. Fancy a clear mind paired with a feeling of happiness and ultimate contentment, Afghani is the right choice for you!





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